Oral Hygiene

Caring for your teeth and braces is expected during treatment. Oral hygiene will be a focus at every appointment in our office. Detailed instructions are reviewed with every patient and parent at the start of treatment. Written materials are also given for at home reference.

Why is oral hygiene so important during orthodontic treatment?

  • Plaque can build up between the braces and gum line. This can cause the gums to grow and become red and swollen.
  • Swollen gum tissue can slow down the process of tooth movement.
  • Bone and gum tissue need to remodel and grow as the teeth move into their new positions. This will not happen if the environment around the cells is filled with bacteria.
  • Plaque left on the teeth due to poor hygiene will result in permanent white or brown marks on the teeth.

What’s expected?

  • A commitment to good oral hygiene.
  • Brushing three times a day – we will give you tools to help!
  • Flossing every day – we will show you new techniques!
  • Daily fluoride rinse to use at home to protect and strengthen your enamel.
  • Enamel varnish to cover your enamel with a protective coating.
  • Limiting drinks with high acid and sugar content – even diet drinks have a lot of acid!
  • Regular visits to your dentist at least every 6 months during orthodontic treatment.