Your First Visit

Give us a call to schedule your initial visit with Dr. Magnuson.

You don’t need a referral to set this up. 509-443-5597.

This appointment is complimentary and takes about an hour. 

Dr. Magnuson will provide a thorough evaluation of your smile and bite. She will talk about your concerns and explain your orthodontic needs in detail. Digital photographs and digital x-rays are taken to aid Dr. Magnuson in the diagnostic process. She will let you know if treatment is recommended, layout a plan, and discuss all available options with you. Dr. Magnuson wants you to make an educated decision about starting orthodontic treatment.

For younger children, Dr. Magnuson may decide follow growth and development for a while before making a decision about orthodontic treatment. Periodic check-ups help determine the optimum timing for treatment and give parents and kids a chance to better understand the process.

If treatment is recommended, we will outline the length and cost of treatment at this first appointment as well. Your treatment plan and financial options are custom designed to meet your individual needs.

You are now one step closer to an amazing smile! You will be ready to start treatment at your next visit!