Treatment Planning

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis the most important step in providing you with outstanding treatment.

Dr. Magnuson uses the highest quality equipment and latest technology to diagnose your orthodontic needs. High quality digital photographs, digital models and digital x-rays are routine. Digital x-rays are taken with less radiation than traditional x-rays. Dr. Magnuson utilizes 3-Dimensional Cone Beam Radiography when necessary to identify pathology, skeletal discrepancies, eruption abnormalities, etc. This technology is truly amazing and enables us to offer the best quality of care possible.

Digital record taking helps us communicate with your dentist and other specialists that may be involved in your treatment. Dr. Magnuson will often collaborate with your dentist to create a plan that goes beyond straight teeth. You may benefit from cosmetic or restorative dental work in conjunction with your orthodontic treatment. Dr. Magnuson wants to ensure that you understand the full potential of your smile!

Panoramic X-ray Magnuson Ortho