Orthodontics for All Ages

You're never too old or too young to have a beautiful smile.


Dr. Magnuson likes to evaluate kids as soon as permanent teeth begin to erupt. Timing is very important when planning for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment can often be minimized with tooth guidance and early intervention. Most often, young children will be scheduled for periodic check-ups to follow growth and time treatment for optimum results. Early treatment using appliances or partial braces may be recommended if a bite problem is growth related or damaging. Young children adapt to orthodontic appliances very well. They are usually quite excited to get started and show everyone their progress!


As kids enter adolescence they become more concerned with their appearance. Your teen may be asking for orthodontic treatment because they see the value of a beautiful smile. On the flip side, parents often bring their teens to see us because they want to see their child smile more. They understand that a great smile can add a tremendous boost to their child's confidence and personality.

Leading up to and during puberty your child will be growing quickly. This makes it the prime time to make orthopedic changes to the shape and size of the jaws. A beautiful smile is our goal, but a balanced facial appearance (lips, chin, and profile) is equally important.

Today's braces don't interfere with the things teens like to do. Their activities will be relatively unaffected by orthodontic treatment. Improved technology has decreased the number and frequency of visits - this makes it easier to work with the busy schedules of our young patients.


It is never too late to perfect your smile! Dr. Magnuson really enjoys the transformation of adult smiles. Many adults never had the opportunity to have treatment as a child. Others have seen changes in their smile and bite with age. Orthodontic treatment is equally effective for adults and children. Age is not really a consideration. Adult patients are generally very motivated to expedite treatment and compliance can really speed up the process. Most adults will complete treatment in 12-24 months. Partial treatment, involving limited tooth movement, may take less time.

Adult treatment may be complicated by the loss of supportive gum tissue and bone. Dr. Magnuson uses low force techniques to move teeth. This makes it possible to help patients who have compromised periodontal support. Improving the position of teeth and the bite relationship will help preserve gum tissue and bone moving forward. Age related tooth loss is a thing of the past. Having a healthy, balanced bite is key to dental health.

When treating adult patients, worn, broken, chipped and discolored teeth often become part of the equation. Dr. Magnuson will meet with your dentist and other dental specialists, if necessary, to create a plan to optimize your smile. You may benefit from cosmetic dentistry in conjunction with your orthodontic care.

Adult patients do not need to feel self-conscious about their smile with braces. Cosmetic options like clear braces and Invisalign are appealing to adults. Braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before. Our adult patients get a lot of feedback, even from strangers, about the fact that they are doing something positive to improve their oral health. A youthful, beautiful smile is the prize that makes it all worthwhile!