Before & After

All photos shown are of actual patients of Dr. Magnuson.

Overbite and Crowded Arches

Case 1, Before Case 1, After

This young patient required braces to correct her deep overbite and crowded arches. Note the beautiful shape of her arches due to width gained during orthodontic treatment.

Jaw Malalignment

Case 2, Before Case 2, After

This adult patient struggled to fit his teeth together due to jaw misalignment. He benefitted from orthodontic treatment in conjunction with jaw surgery to provide a balance to his bite, smile and face.


Case 4, Before Case 4, After

For some adults, years of bite malalignment leads to tooth wear, cracked enamel and jaw discomfort. This patient benefitted from orthodontic treatment to align her teeth and correct her crossbite. This set things up nicely so that her general dentist could restore her chipped and worn enamel.

Malalignment with Periodontal Disease

Case 5, Before Case 5, After

In the past, adults with periodontal disease were not considered candidates for orthodontic treatment. We now use much lighter force mechanics to move teeth. We can now treat patients with bone and tissue loss. Changes in tooth and bite alignment create a much improved oral environment, slowing the progress of periodontal disease. This patient’s smile was transformed by braces, gum grafting and cosmetic dentistry.


Case 5, Before Case 5, After

Sometimes patients can’t quite see the potential of their smile. The size and shape of this patient’s teeth are beautiful but it took braces to shape and align her teeth into a stunning smile.

Overbite with Narrow Arches

Case 5, Before Case 5, After

This teenage patient had a severe overbite and very narrow dental arches. With good cooperation from this patient, treatment was completed within 2 yrs. A total transformation of her bite and smile!

Overjet and Class II Malocclusion

Case 5, Before Case 5, After

Due to a large Overjet and Class II Malocclusion, this young patient needed to start orthodontic treatment before all her permanent teeth erupted. A Herbst appliance was used to improve the growth of her jaws and later braces were used to perfect her bite and smile. Treating her during a period of active growth was key to our success.

Overbite and Narrow Arches

Case 5, Before Case 5, After

This adult patient had very narrow arches and 100% overbite. The transformation of his bite and smile is amazing. It looks like he has totally new teeth!


Case 5, Before Case 5, After

This young teen had experienced excessive growth of the lower jaw compared to the upper jaw. This resulted in a complete underbite and “bulldog” appearance. Great mechanics and patient cooperation resulted in beautiful changes for this young lady.

Severe Overbite

Case 5, Before Case 5, After

This pre-teen patient had a debilitating smile and occlusion. Left untreated, the severe overbite would have been damaging to her gums and teeth. In this case, orthodontic treatment was truly “life-changing”.

Narrow Upper Jaw

Case 5, Before Case 5, After

This adult male patient needed braces and a straightforward surgical procedure to widen his upper jaw. The results were predictable and stable. His new bite is more comfortable and balanced. Braces have reduced his risk of tooth wear as well.


Case 5, Before Case 5, After

This adult female patient was self-conscious of her overbite and weak chin. My treatment plan consisted of braces and jaw surgery to improve both her bite and profile. She gained much more than straight teeth. Her confidence and personality flourished as a result of the combined treatment.

Overbite and Overjet

Case 5, Before Case 5, After

This young patient required growth modification to improve her profile and bite. A Herbst appliance followed by braces resulted in this beautiful smile.


Case 5, Before Case 5, After

This patient required permanent tooth extractions to correct her bite and smile. The beautiful broad arch shape hides the fact that teeth are missing. Her supporting tissues and bone are healthy and she proudly displays a gorgeous smile.